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Lucy looking lovely

side Lucy

Ben at 5 years 1995

Ben at 5 yrs (2)

Cilla aged 9

side Cilla 2

Breed Record Holder 2009 - 2014

side Swann Cash


side Tap 85

Harry on walk

side Harry

Gloria gets her CC

side Gloria

Kristen at Home

Kristen at Home


side Max

Young Sparkey

Sparkey 3

Selina 2005

side  2005 2

National Shows 2017



List of Championship Shows Nationwide

who hold Lancashire Heeler Classes offering C C's



  Sunday 12th March, 2017    Results
  Judge:  Mr A P Powell

  Birmingham National Dog Show (Championship Show)
  Saturday 6th May, 2017
  Judge:  Mr Brian Everill
  Staffordshire County Showground
  (postal entries close 15th March, 2017

  Scottish Kennel Club (Championship Show)
  Sunday 21st May, 2017
  Judge:  Mr R T Baker
  Royal Highland Showground
  (postal entries close 28th March, 2017)

  Southern Counties Canine Association (Championship Show)
  Saturday 3rd June, 2017
  Judge:  Mr M Armstrong
  Newbury Showground,
  Priors Court,  Hermitage.
  Thatham RG18 9QZ
  (postal entries close 25th April, 2017)

  Border Union Agricultural Society (Championship Show)
  Sunday 18th June, 2017
  Judge:  Mr H Jones
  Springwood Park,
  (postal entries close 2nd May, 2017) 

  Blackpool Championship Dog Show
  Sunday 25th June, 2017
  Judge:  Miss S A Whybrow
  Redwood Park,
  Pinfold Lane,
  Nr Preston
  (postal entries close 2nd May, 2017)

  East of England Agricultural Society (Championship Show)
  Saturday 5th July, 2017
  Judge:  Mr C M Russell
  East of England Showground,
  (postal entries close 19th May, 2017)

  National Working & Pastoral Breed Society,
  Saturday 15th July, 2017
  Judge:  Mrs G Simpson
  Three Counties Showground,
  (Postal entries close 7th June, 2017)


  Below are Championship Shows where Lancashire Heeler  
are held without C C's

  Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales,
  Saturday 15th April, 2017
  Judge:  Mr T Johnston
  The Royal Welsh Showground,
  Builth Wells
  (Postal entries close 11th March, 2017)

  West of England LadiesKennel Society (Championship

  Sunday 30th April, 2017
  Judge:  Mrs Kaydie Creasey
  Three Counties Showground,
  (Postal entries close 15th March, 2017)

  Bath Canine Society (Championship Show)
  Sunday 28th May, 2017
  Judge:  Mrs L Salt
  Three Shires Field,
  (Postal entries close 24th April, 2017)

  Three Counties Championship Dog Show
  Thursday 8th June, 2017
  Judge:  Mrs T Bellinger
  The Malvern Showground,
  (Postal entries close 21st April, 2017)

  Windsor Championship Dog Show,
  Sunday 2nd July, 2017
  Judge:  Mr D Clarke
  Home Park,
  (Postal entries close 10th May, 2017)










Golden Oldies

In these side panels are pics of dogs who are no longer shown, hope you enjoy seeing these oldies.

side Prince

Heskey by Hannie

Foxthyme Heskey 3

Taffy on his chair

Taffy on his chair

Sammy at home

Side Sammy

Breed Record Holder 2014

Ch Doddsline Daffodil at Welshmoor

Liver & Tan bitch

side Tammy

Pip about 1990

side Pip

Champion Oliver

side Oliver

Having a rest

side Hotpot

Lord at Show

Lord at Show

Tracy looking smart

Golden Oldies 10

Gladys having a look

side Gladys

Duke at Show

side Duke