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Lucy looking lovely

side Lucy

Ben at 5 years 1995

Ben at 5 yrs (2)

Cilla aged 9

side Cilla 2

Breed Record Holder 2009 - 2014

side Swann Cash


side Tap 85

Harry on walk

side Harry

Gloria gets her CC

side Gloria

Kristen at Home

Kristen at Home


side Max

Young Sparkey

Sparkey 3

Selina 2005

side  2005 2

The Lancashire Heeler Club Open Show 21st January, 2017


The Lancashire Heeler Club Open Show
21st January, 2017.
held at Stafford County Showground



  Judge's Critique

  Judge Ms Terrie Cousins Brown                                     


 Best Dog:   Mrs E Lord  Ch Foxthyme Bradley              
 Res Best Dog:   Miss D J Dawes  Welshmoor Bobbysox       
 Best Puppy Dog:   Mrs E Lord  Emages Tom Fool for 
 Best Bitch:   Mrs J Huck  Ch Leyeside Miss Bonnie             
 Res Best Bitch:   Mr & Mrs M Jones  Welshmoor Bobbysgirl      
 Best Puppy Bitch:   Mrs E Lord  Foxthyme True Colours 

 Best in Show:   Mrs J Huck  Ch Leyeside Miss Bonnie           
 Res Best in Show:   Mrs E Lord  Ch Foxthyme Bradley        
 Best Opposite Sex:   Mrs E Lord  Ch Foxthyme Bradley      
 Best Puppy in Show:   Mrs E Lord  Foxthyme True Colours  
 Res Best Puppy:   Mrs E  Lord  Embages Tom Fool for
 Best Veteran:   Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Ch Troutop Rolo 

 Puppy Dog   3 Entries  (1 abs)
1st  Mrs E Lord  Emages Tom Fool for Foxthyme
 2nd Ms S Jacques  Foxthyme Mr Tobias            

 Junior Dog                 2 entries
1st  Miss D J Dawes  Welshmoor Bobbysox
 2nd Mrs C Fairest  Henson Fairest Lad

 Graduate Dog           no entries

 Post Graduate Dog    1 entry
1st Mrs G & Miss J Gorley  Buffalo Bill for Willosyam   

 Limit Dog                  2 entries  
1st   Mr W & Mrs G Simpson  Coppercoats Cruiser amongst 
                                             Simonsville JW (ImpFin)  
 2nd  Mrs C Fairest  Henson Markalex   

 Open Dog                  7 entries 
1st   Mrs E Lord  Ch Foxthyme Bradley  
 2nd  Mrs A Bancroft  Ch Doddsline Duffy ShCM 
 3rd   Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Ch Troutop Rolo
 Res   Mr R Smith  Leyeside Mister Ben 
 VHC  Miss D J Dawes  Foveaux Storm Revolution

 Veteran Dog              4 entries 
 1st    Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Ch Troutop Rolo  
 2nd   Mrs A Bancroft  Ch Doddsline Buscuits by Cheinban ShCM
 3rd    Mrs L & Mr R J Siggers  Foxthyme Jenson 
 Res    Mrs L Jones  Foxthyme Maori 

 Junior Handling 12 - 16 years

 Puppy Bitch                2 entries (1 abs)
1st  Mrs E Lord  Foxthyme True Colour   

 Junior Bitch                5 entries
1st   Mr & Mrs M Jones  Welshmoor Bobbysgirl
 2nd  Mrs J Thompson  Foxthyme Billie Jean
 3rd   Mrs M Davies  Black Rose In Ronleydon
 Res   Mrs E O Holehouse  Megacascade Sparkle
 VHC  Miss R Irvine & Mr C Wilcock  Coogans Mistress

 Graduate Bitch           no entries

 Post Graduate Bitch    3 entries 
1st   Mrs E Lord  Foxthyme Mocha Milletta    
 2nd  Mrs P A Duxbury  Ronleydon Tillys Gold
 3rd   Holligan Ms J Gorley Ms J & Beard Mr L  Applefire's Dark

 Limit Bitch                  5 entries (3 abs)
1st   Mrs L & Mr R J Siggers  Foxthyme Dream On

 Open Bitch                  4 entries 
1st   Mrs J Huck  Ch Leyeside Miss Bonnie
 2nd  Mr & Mrs M Jones  Welshmoor Hell Hath No Fury
 3rd   Mr D & Mrs D Tester  Ch Mrs Bell Higgins ar Ogof
 Res   Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Ch Foxthyme Eleanor with Troutop

 Veteran Bitch              4 entries
1st  Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Troutop Lottie
 2nd Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Troutop Norma
 3rd  Mrs A Bancroft  Hotpot Kiddie Cate by Cheinban
 Res  Mr W & Mrs G Simpson Ch Simonsville Anya May  

 Special Open Liver & Tan Dog or Bitch      4 entries (2 abs) 
 1st  Mrs E & Miss E Gordon  Ch Troutop Rolo   
 2nd Mrs E Lord  Foxthyme Mocha Milletta   

 Joy Smith Memorial Open Stakes   4 entries  (4abs)
 Brace                        2 entries (2 abs)

 Special Breeders      1 entry
1st  Mrs E Lord  Ch Foxthyme Bradley

 Special Open in aid of Rescue      3 entries (2 abs)
 1st  Mrs N & Miss E Beach Ch Foxthyme Back to Black 













Golden Oldies

In these side panels are pics of dogs who are no longer shown, hope you enjoy seeing these oldies.

side Prince

Heskey by Hannie

Foxthyme Heskey 3

Taffy on his chair

Taffy on his chair

Sammy at home

Side Sammy

Breed Record Holder 2014

Ch Doddsline Daffodil at Welshmoor

Liver & Tan bitch

side Tammy

Pip about 1990

side Pip

Champion Oliver

side Oliver

Having a rest

side Hotpot

Lord at Show

Lord at Show

Tracy looking smart

Golden Oldies 10

Gladys having a look

side Gladys

Duke at Show

side Duke